February 10, 2024 at 7 pm

Rose State College Hudiburg Chevrolet Center
6000 Prosper Blvd, Midwest City, Oklahoma

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Vickie Winans

Maurice Lauchner

Sha Wheaton

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About The Stage Play

Meet 5 strong and powerful women, from different walks of life that through an unexpected sisterhood develop a spiritual bond that is unbreakable. Their heartfelt journeys & purpose, while all different, find they are traveling in the same direction. These women will leave you empowered, encouraged, motivated, impacted, and uplifted. They all discover that it’s not their struggles that define them, but how they overcome them that does. Their strong faith in God and full dependence on Him, make all of them triumphant in spite of their circumstances. Each of them seeking and finding God’s purpose for their life, in their own unique and special way. Through their sisterhood, they learn that by leaning on God and each other, they become better and stronger together. They may bend, but will not break because of their trust in God. They further discover that iron sharpens iron, there’s power in numbers, and God will never, ever, leave them or forsake them even when they're faced with the storms of life.

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Writer & Director

Chericia Curtis

Broken Vessel Productions, Creator, Writer, Producer and Director Chericia Curtis kicks-off the second leg of her “Soul Purpose” Stage Play National Tour.

“I am so excited to bring my stage production to Fabulous Houston, Texas. After the huge success of my original launch of the Soul Purpose stage play that took place on April 27, 2018 at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters [TBAAL] Naomi Bruton Theatre and Friendship West Church November 10, 2018 , my team and I knew that we had to bring the tour to other cities. “Soul Purpose isn’t just a play, it’s an experience that will touch the heart and soul of every audience member.”

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